Separation Anxiety at Drop-Off

Does anyone have experience doing drop-offs at pre-school with toddlers who cry and have separation anxiety? My toddler is 2.5 years old and just started pre-school. She was doing really well her first and second week but the last couple days she went has been really weepy and sad. This morning I drove her to school and ended up taking her home because she was being so weepy. I don’t know what to do because I really thought (and still believe) she is ready from a cognitive/social standpoint. I have to keep her in pre-school because I work from home and cannot devote the attention that she needs; more often than not the TV becomes the baby-sitter. I feel incredibly guilty if I leave her at school crying and I also worry that she will be a distraction to the other classmates. Her teachers asked me to pick her up early one of the days she was sad when I left and she wouldn’t stop weeping throughout the day. I don’t know what to do because I want and need her to go to school but I have so much stress now about dropping her off.
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My son cries his eye out every time we leave him at this little toddler class once a week, what helped him A LOT, cause now he only cries for like a minute not an hour, is a Daniel Tiger Story about how “grown ups come back”. We got the book from the library and showed him the episode on Amazon prime tons of times, at least once a day for weeks and that is really in his head now and he is doing much better.

Wow I've never met another @Venessa that spells it close to my spelling. 😁

Same for my son. He has been in a full time home daycare since 10 months and was always happy to go, but we recently moved and made the switch to preschool and he really hates it, cries at drop off and during the day at school. I’m thinking I should have kept him in the daycare setting which was much more warm and 1:1. Giving it another week or 2 and hopefully he’ll get used to the new setting. It’s so heartbreaking though and hard. Hang in there !

My son has been in a home daycare since January. I stayed home with him for a week recently since the teacher went on vacation. After that he’s been angrily crying at drop off for almost two weeks now💦 Before the vacation he would just go in without issues, and won’t even say bye to me but now he’s so attached😱 idk what to do either and stressed out during drop offs😫

Maybe try a home daycare...? They can devote more one on one time with her to comfort her and help her get move to happy again. The big pre-school places I feel are just in it for the money and don't really care. We love our daycare lady she has 7 kids from age 2 to 4. But she takes younger ones, just none under 2 at the moment. She cares for all the kids like they were her own. She does circle time, activities, reads and teaches them. She does breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks a day. Plus they get their nap in and play time. He did have a hard time at first but we always reminded him about how much fun he has with his friends and that we will see him soon, right after we are done with work. We did start him going this January so just before his 2 birthday. Maybe that helped but I think you just have to stay on top of it. Have you asked if they are helping her to get comfortable? Or do anything to settle her? I hope this helps and hope you can find a solution. Keep your head up you are an amazing mother.

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