Implantation bleeding

Think I’m having implantation bleeding. Wondering if you can still rest positive during this time or too early?
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@Isabella did you find out ?

It’s stopped now so if it’s continues to stop I’ll test later just dehydrating myself first for best results x

@Isabella same mine is getting slightly heavier too so I’m not going to test just yet

I haven’t tested because I’ve had some very brown like spotting and it could be my period, if it hasn’t got heavier by tomorrow I will test tomorrow morning as then it’s been two days since the implantation cm I got yesterday

I think I will tomorrow anyway as it’s the day before my period, but I think it’s at least two days after bleeding. I got my pinky discharge today at 9dpo around 5pm so not hopeful for a positive in morning but I will still do it x

@Isabella please let me know if you do. I’ll post on here if I test x

Following as me too.. I want to test in morning with an early response but sure there will be enough hcg to detect x

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