Can we pick either labour or a c-section?

Is this possible do you reckon to tell your midwife you want a c-section?
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Absolutely. You can birth however you like

Completely up to you how you bring your child into the world 💛

See a part of me is scared to do that because of that odd chance of getting a slash on the babies face as I’ve seen people post x

@Anjali forceps cause markings on the face, not a c section x

@Ellie they do say on your consultation for a c section that there is risk to the baby being cut as they go through the last final layers, I never had that thankfully but it is one of the things they say, well to me anyway x

@Chelsea ah interesting. I had an emergency c section so I can't remember any of the risks haha, I was too out of it 😅 guess the risk is extremely low isn't it? X

@Ellie I can imagine in an emergency one everything is so urgent that everyone’s probably thinking just get the baby out as quick and safe as possible 😂 I think from what I remember the statistic is every 3 babies in 100 c section births end up with a cut of some sort so it is low x

@Chelsea well I remember them going through a list of all the bad things that could happen but I was half conscious like honey I do not care just get on with it 😂😂😂 ah yes very low then! God stuff like that is so scary 😬 xx

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