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Have been TTC for 2 years, and recently had all fertility testing, being discharged in June with unexplained subfertility I have low AMH for my age, so have been worried about my clock, but since discharge my cycle has completely stopped. Currently day 82, negative tests and back to square 1 blood testing with the drs to find out what is going on 🥹 Feeling deflated and looking for some success stories, or anyone who has been through similar.xx
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Same here my AMH was very low for my age ☹️so don’t know what future has for me

You should ask your clinic if they can freeze your eggs hun Its 1 way to get around low AMH and gives you better quality eggs tonuse for future ivf cycles

OP why did they discharge you? If youre in England you can have treatment on the NHS

@Mrs36 thanks for the advice, we are definitely looking into freezing, just panicking that it may now be too late although the AMH wasn't low enough to concern the consultant (hence the discharge) so having faith. Where I live you are only eligible for NHS treatment after 3 years, and also have to have a BMI below 25 which mine unfortunately isn't (trying hard to get it down as much as I can!)

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