Temperature after injections

My baby had his first set of injections today. A few tears when given but stopped minutes after. He slept for an hour after but has been awake with a high temperature, grunting, straining and crying since. The calpol does not seem to be bringing his temperature below 37.5 and he won't be put down or sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice on what I can do to help? A tired mama speaking with a migraine and a long night ahead 😅😴
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I'd call 111 if temp not coming down with calpol. Has he had the 3 doses?

Keep on top of the calpol. It might take a couple of doses to bring it down. You can give 4 doses in 24 hours

I've gave him 2 doses so far, he seems slightly more settled at times but as soon as slightly moved starts again

Yes, and my son screamed for 6 hours. Unless their temp is 39' or above, you don't need to be concerned and Dr won't do anything. Keep up the calpol, feed on demand and unfortunately you just have to ride it out for a few days. My son cried for 6 hours, refused to sleep, refused to eat and was awful the day of his jabs. When he did fall asleep it would be for a matter of minutes before he'd suddenly start screaming again. He was then fussy for a few days after but it does eventually pass.

Being unsettled is to be expected. 37.5 isn’t a dangerous temperature, just the higher side of normal. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t spike above 38, otherwise just give him lots of cuddles

Thank you for the help!

According to the NHS: Ask for an urgent GP appointment or call NHS 111 if your child: Your baby's temperature is 38C or higher if they're under 3 months old

My little one was same last week, after 3ed dose of calpol his temperature went down but he was crying and fussing all day - I know it’s hard but it will pass x

Awww my baby had hers today, she cried so bad it broke my heart 💔💔 I was told to give three doses of calpol which she’s not long had. Hope your LO settles soon, I feel so mean but it’s for the good of there health

My baby boy got a temperature of 38.1°C when he had his vaccine but as soon as he had the third dose of calpol, it went down and he was fine.

When my daughter seems to be in pain or discomfort I walk with her facing the front, using one hand as a 'seat' and second hand to support the upper body and after 20/30 m walk in the house with curtains closed (and sometimes) relaxing music I put her (face) against my body and she falls asleep. After the first vaccinations she slept only on us for 2 weeks, I hope you won't have that problem. Try swaddling if you aren't doing it. Rock the baby in an upright position against your body while swaddled, may help too. Sometimes I have to do 50 different things before she calms down, swaddling, no swaddling, swaddling again, pacifier, no pacifier, pacifier again, music, no music, different holding positions, different rhythms for rocking, humming, singing etc you get it.

Thank you so much, I will definitely give all of this a try. He slept a few hours in his moses basket so I got a tiny bit of sleep thank god but back to lying on me after 😅 xx

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