Sick leave Vs early maternity leave

Just wondering what people's opinions are. I'm 28 weeks and struggling hugely with work. Physically I'm in so much pain by the end of everyday and my mental health is awful as I just feel like a problem. I need to stop working and can't decide whether it's better to take statutory sick pay and then statutory maternity pay as the mat pay only lasts 39 weeks. Both are a shockingly low amount so we will look in to things like universal credit etc. Just trying to work out what is the best thing to do. I tried calling citizens advice today but was on hold for so long that I eventually gave up. Just wondering if anyone is or has been in a similar situation. Many thanks.
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It depends on your policies within work. I know where I work if you’re sick with pregnancy related absence after 26weeks they can technically make you start maternity early and not give you sick pay entitlement. Might just be worth checking as I’m unsure if it’s the same for all organisations. I’m pregnant with twins and very unwell, I’ve decided to save my annual leave throughout the year and start my annual leave as early as possible from this week up until 32 weeks and then I’ll start Mat leave from 32weeks but I understand everyone’s position is different

I’m the same. I almost 27 weeks and asked to start my maternity leave this week. They refused my request and made the work environment so toxic that I ended up resigning. The employers don’t care. You need to watch out and prioritise yourself.

Just like @Keita said, check your policy, pretty sure most places will start your maternity leave if you're signed off for pregnancy related sickness

I’m currently signed off work on sick leave but I think they are going ti ask me to go on may leave from 28 weeks. My consultant has said i can now return to work but I’m still waiting for HR to come back to me. Xx

If your absence is pregnancy related, they can decide to kick start your mat pay, and not pay sick leave. It'll shorten your time on the other side. But if you really need it, you really need it! Look into your works policy to see where you stand 🩵🩷

As far as I’m aware they can only kick start your Mat leave if you go off sick in the four weeks prior to your due date. So I would go off sick for as long as you can and then take your Mat leave. Don’t use up more than you have to as you’ll want it for when the baby comes.

@Ankita I think legally you can’t start maternity leave until 11 weeks before your due date so you’d have had to work until 29 weeks. But as long as you give notice they shouldn’t be able to refuse your mat leave!

@Carly my employer can kick start mat leave from 28 weeks with a pregnancy related illness. Employers policy will differ, so best to check where you stand

Hey lovely! Lots of people in the same boat as you so don’t feel bad. You have a few options… firstly could you just take a week of self certified to start with? Give your body and mind a rest! Secondly, could you make adjustments? This could either be reduced hours or a change in tasks? You might feel better just stopping work straight away but you’ve got a few options if you’re not quite sure yet x

I’m currently in the same situation. There’s no way I can carry on working now (I’m 28 weeks). I’ve self certified for a week then spoke with the GP who have given me a sick note. My policy is that any pregnancy related sickness triggers maternity leave to start at 36 weeks if still off sick then. So check out your policies. Everyone is different and every job is different. My job is very physical with no option for light duties or extra breaks so unfortunately that is now taking it’s toll and my baby is my priority. Financially it will be a struggle but I’m willing to risk that and ensure my baby gets here safely.

My advice to look at your workplace police from how many weeks can they trigger mat leave, same as caitlin above mine is 36 weeks. I was talking to my midwife about this last week and said my mental health is severely affected by work atm and she said this is normal because everything is hypersensitive, her advice to me was if I find it’s impact me a lot that it is good for me to consider what is best for me and my baby Best of luck xx

Call in sick but not pregnancy related. Say it's mental health related, get a sick note after 7 days for mental health. That way your stat maternity won't start early and you won't have to move your maternity. Go sick until you're feeling better or until your maternity starts x

No advice but just really feeling this post and morbidly helpful to read a lot are in the same boat, as I was feeling weak in myself that I am “only” 30 weeks and literally in so much growing, stretching & pressure pain.. Sent myself home early today but I just don’t see the next few months being easy juggling work and health.. Take care of yourself girls ❤️😩

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