Diaper Rash Cream

What diaper rash cream do you guys recommend? We have the honest brand but it’s not doing much for my little one who has a diaper rash
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My baby has only had a minor rash once and this is what I have learned, I do triple paste at night and aquaphor in the mornings. I don’t wipe after pee diapers and I bathe him everyday. I’ve heard that most rashes happen because of over wiping.

@Nacha totally agree, i wipe my baby only in the mornings when she wakes up and when she poops and i bathe her every night, have never got a baby rash at all

Mama earth

desitin works/

Ok hear me out, when rashes get really bad with a acidic poop, just mix a small amount of Neosporin in with the a&d clear stuff after making sure skin is really dry. It really works.

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