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Has your toddler starting biting you yet when trying to take something away ?
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Yes! And she’s only 14 months and idk if it’s “ok” to discipline her, and if I do how do 😵‍💫

@Alexis lol !! I try so hard not to laugh at the behavior in front of him (cause first of all who told u that u could use ur teeth as weapons?) but I typically been trying to teach him no with two fingers shaking in his face with direct eye contact or firm finger taps saying no, no, No !! This behavior is not going to be too cute for too long lol but 14 months lol that’s wild !!

Yeah exactly like it’s funny but it’s not lol Idk we have any appointment this week so I’m going to ask her pediatrician. We do the same and she tells us no now and try’s to hit us so I’m out of options. Like we’ve snaked her hand but she just does it back so idk what to do anymore

@Alexis omg she soo advanced !! Maybe time outs ?

That’s what we were thinking about maybe time to herself in her crib and we walk away for a bit, because I refuse to hit my kid or like spank

@Caprecia time outs are a little old for this age. Usually that’s for like 2+. Usually they just recommend redirection or with my son whenever he tries to bite it’s usually because he has teeth coming in. So if I’m holding him I put him down and say you can’t bite mama that hurts. Then I grab him a teether and say you can bite this. Then he starts biting his teether.

Yeah and I bit her back

@Alexis gentle parenting is so amazing ! I’ve learned patience for sure .. I probably said no like 50 XS yesterday 🤣🤣🤣

@Kara yes redirection always works so far !! But a little quiet time for constant repeat bad behavior only seems fair 🤣🤣 especially if the baby becomes more intolerable

@Caprecia yeah every baby is so different so always do whatever is best for you and your LO 😊 my son probably tried to bite me like 30 times today haha but he has a molar coming in so I know he is just hurting. But yeah it is definitely awful since biting freaking hurts!

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