morning after pill & ovulation

looking for advice!!! i had unprotected sex yesterday and didn’t realise until afterwards that it was day of ovulation. i am 8 months pp and ebf. the first day of my last period was the 9th (5 day period). is it too late for the morning after pill considering i’ve already (probably) ovulated??
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Can you take an ovulation test to make sure today is your ovulation day? If it's negative you could probably still take the morning after pill

Yep too late, you have to be before ovulation / before egg is ready to be released for it to be effective x

It doesn’t just work by stopping ovulation, it also reduces the chance that a fertilised egg could implant, so it’s still worth taking it, but it’s less likely to work than if you took it before ovulation

thank you for your replies! i’ll pick one up asap, worth a shot🤞🏽

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