I’m being traumatized all over again

I’m currently living with my boyfriends family and he swore up and down his family was the best we’d be relaxed and supported when we moved in with them. Come to find out there’s nothing but passive aggressive behavior all the time people always in my business, someone is always walking around trying to gaslight others. Bottom line I’m stressed. I need away to my doctor’s office and I’m terrified of asking any of his family members for a ride because of all the uncomfortable feelings there making me feel and I haven’t done anything to them. What should I do? 😔
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Any family members you can stay with?

I moved all the way out here with him my family is already in there own hole helping my other sibling

@Codie mmm okay. Can you get Uber to the Dr’s? Then you don’t have to involve his family.

if u have Medicaid, sometimes they can help you with a ride to appointments! if u do,you can look into it online!

You & your boyfriend can maybe work on getting your own place so you can get away from all of that negativity & stress. I hope things get better for you.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Stay strong. Keep your nose clean, don't get involved in the drama. Be strong and act stupid like nothing is wrong. Ask for help and even of they passive agressivenpretend that you didn't notice. Save money and turn them into your slaves with kindness and naivete xx

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