Dream feeds?

First time mum here! I've been told by multiple people that given my circumstance with my LG I may benefit from a dream feed? She is currently 13 weeks and I suffer with the idea of letting her sleep through with a wet nappy and (my LG doesn't wind if she's asleep) and gas. Is a dream feed benefit for mum to get more sleep or am I fighting a loosing battle? At the moment she wakes about 2-3 -times a night
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it could make her go that bit longer, we've done it a couple of times x

The dream feed is what gets my LB to stay as asleep until 3/30 sometimes even longer! He has a mini cry when he has his nappy changed but apart from that being on the bottle sends him back to sleep. We make sure he is still in his dark space with white noise and keep him up for 15 mins. It’s worked well for us! X

Dream feeds actuslly make my little one wake up sooner 🤣 im not sure why iv not read anyone else say that. But he sleeps at 7 till 1 but if I dream feed at 9/10 we always wakes up at like 12 ahah xx

I give my 14 week old a dream feed at about 10pm and she sleeps right through. She's currently still asleep and won't wake until 9am usually x

I used to dream feed my eldest at about 10/11pm and she would sleep until 3/4am then, do I would get a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep, rather than an hour until she was up

My little girl always goes has a bath at 8 and a feed at 8.30 which puts her to sleep for the night. I always dream feed her between 11.30-midnight and she stays asleep until 7am. I also always change her nappy before feeding her so she doesn’t get too disturbed. She also doesn’t burp much when she’s in a deep sleep so I tend to hold her up for a little while before putting her down x

I do it with my boy depending on what he’s had by bedtime, as I know that 27oz minimum will get him through to 4am. He’s had 24oz up to now (bedtime) and is down to sleep now so I will dream feed him 3-4oz at 10pm ish. He’s 14 weeks, been doing this since about 10 weeks x

I was doing a dream feed with my little girl at 10/11pm when we came to bed and she would sleep through but she has started having one extra bottle in the day now (going slightly less time in between her bottles) so I stopped it and she’s been sleeping 7pm-7am

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