how to put an overtired baby to sleep

my baby is 2 months old and today he’s been up since 12pm, it’s 7…he took like less than a 30 min nap 4 times, he just keeps waking up and being more fussy..i made sure he was okay and changed his diaper many times, gave him a bottle, breastfed, everything…he’s just not falling asleep…any help?
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I was just searching answers online for this exact situation. We’re going on 5 hours with nothing longer then 10 minutes. I feel you ♥️

@Liz i heard that swaddling and white noise helps..i do contact naps sometimes but i think that i read somewhere that white noise that’s louder than their cries helps…good luck 🥹

Tried both… you too🙃

A walk in the carrier, a car ride?

Ditto to a walk and car ride. Have you tried a bath....dark room... singing songs. They are so sensitive to EVERYTHING at this age.. You guys may have to take shifts to get some rest. It will pass. SENDING HUGS....Goodluck mama.

Throw everything you got at it. Walks, contact naps, pacifiers, feed to sleep, swaddles, noise (I prefer nature noises to white noise. It resulted in better sleep for us), car rides, carriers. You name it. Babies are kind of dumb when it comes to sleep. They need it but they fight it hard. I sometimes had to let my newborn cry with dad in another room before bringing her back to bed to tire herself even more. Idk why it worked but a few minutes of being mad she was with dad and not mom made her tired 🤷

The hoover saved me. My girl always fought sleep but the hoover seems to really get her off. I use it all the time now

Sling and walk outside when they’re like this will usually do the trick!

Maybe get him into a set routine this is what I do with my 2 month old baby girl start running a bath at 6 then at half 6 give a bottle and they will settle at 7 and sleep then , my baby girl fights her sleep but we just persevered with it and let her stay awake as much as possible they will let you know when they are tired rock him , cuddle him maybe put him in his Pram and go for a walk that night settle him x

After I breastfed my baby I do skin to skin puts her out like a light ❤️

@Chrissy this is a great trick

If he sleeps in the car go for a drive get him to sleep so that he is no longer over tired then it should be easier for the next sleep. Or a contact nap works well also for a good long nap to reset everything.

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