Nurtamigen LGG Formula, help!

We’ve just been prescribed this formula for suspected CMPA - if using a prep machine, how do you make up a bottle? I’ve read that people are mixing the hot shot and cooled water before adding the powder?? What happens if I just make it the normal way with the prep machine? (I also have a nuby rapid cool so will be using that too)
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There is good bacteria in it probiotic using boiling water kills it x

I just do the hot shot then the cold water then add the formula! Then with rapid cool I measure out how much water I want cool it in the rapid cool tip water back into bottle once cooled then add formula x

Hiya, my LO is on the milk and I’m pretty’s sure if it’s the same one then the instructions are to make up with room temp water. This is really important to follow as anything warmer will have adverse effects on the LLG Probiotics. What we do is just fill bottles with bottled water in the morning and leave out to cool to room to temp and add formula as needed and then repeat for the evening xx

Put the hot shot in and the second amount of water then put the formula in after xx

We put the hot shot and then water in all at once and add powder at the end xx

So if you read the tin it says room temp water so all I do is boil the kettle pour the right amount out into bottles and leave them sealed on the side until I need one then add the scoops it's so easy

Thank you!! I wish the dr had said it was made differently!🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 Another question, because the formula is thinner, do you find that your LOs struggle with their current teat size? Just preempting whether we may have to go down a size or not x

My eldest was on this a few years ago, I did both shots of water then formula last xx

@Jess my boy stayed on the same teat he got used to to the milk straight away x

Yes go down a teat size or if he suffers with reflux add carobel, we had it on prescription but they’ve stopped prescribing it as it’s cheap to buy so I ordered it off Amazon xx

@YazmynJade thank you, I did read the tin which is why I wanted to double check how people made up a bottle with the prep machines also the tin doesn’t explain why it’s made differently so it’s not made clear about the importance but thank you for the screenshot☺️ luckily baby is used to refrigerated formula without heating as well as room temp & warm so not too worried about him taking the bottle. I’ll keep an eye out on how he is with the teat, we are on lansoprazole for his reflux which seems to work well

@Jess perfect! They'll get on with room temp no issues then! You're very lucky there!

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