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Hi all, new here. This is tyson (at the back) and nala (at the front) They are the baby babies of our house as my 10 and 6 year old would much rather be on their tablets then have a snuggle! What pets do you have😁
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@Becca I have my own three (taby and ginger tabby)Nemo and dory, (same dad as these kitten by looks of their markings) and my black cat COVID... yes we have a sense of humour x

@Kerrianne oh what a shame😔 nala would love your house🤣🤣

@Destiny almost twins!😍😍

@Christina clown?🤣

@Kerrianne awh how lovley😍 my nala loves cats!

@Luci ohhhhh love it😍 nala is 11 breeds but staff and mastiff are two of them😁😍

A 3 year old frenchie/ clown and soon to be big bro!

Omgg how gorgeous!!!!

I have 3 cats and three stray/feral cats (waiting to get them speyed and neutered before rehoming) x

I have a tan staff/mastiff called Nahla as well 😍 gorgeous babies!

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