Baby sitting up but throwing self back

Long story short my baby has just learned how to sit herself up, which is great except she can’t get out of this position without throwing herself back 🤦‍♀️ I’ve been trying to show her how to get back out of it for almost a month now, any tips?
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She’ll just learn it over time. In the meantime, cushions around behind and beside her on the floor will help.

She's learning what her muscle control mean and also the new feeling of falling!

There's a padded backpack style thing you can get online you could put on her so when she falls she's padded if you give me a second I'll find the tiktok I saw of it

I will state before anyone says it I don't know the safety regs around it but it seems like a brilliant idea and as it's on their back just use with caution like any baby device

@YazmynJade ….I know, commenting on this website can lead to one feeling a touch defensive and cautious 😅 but what the hell :) Can see where they’re coming from with this, but also think it could possibly impede the child from learning to try to roll over and sort of try to recover its position. Rather than being a bit like a tortoise 🐢 stuck on its shell back with its legs in the air 😅

@Lorraine it definitely is like dodging bullets on here with people coming at you which is why I said I don't know the regs lol. I think it's ideally for those situations where babies fall and bang their head on hard floors which is why I think it would work but you're right it may weigh them down but if they can't grasp rolling over and keep hitting their heads it's probably a great short term solution

The baby backpack head protector was an absolute life saver for my little girl! She was constantly falling backwards and we have a stone kitchen floor but she was quite happy crawling about and sitting up with her little backpack on!

@Kerry that frankly sounds adorable. And makes a lot of sense 💕

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