Necessary to offer both boobs during each feed?

Is it necessary to offer the second boob during every feed? I haven't been doing that but just read somewhere that you should?! I have an abundant supply of milk so often I'll still have milk left when I squeeze at the end of a feeds for 7-20 mins normally, sometimes longer.
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I only feed from one side per feeding. If they’re fussy I’d wind baby and then try from the same side again. If it’s been an hour or two then I’ll feed from the other side x

Thanks everyone 😊 good to hear others perspectives and advice!! Suddenly was worried but think we're doing what's right for us xx

I've been told all sorts! Both, alternate... I was googling earlier to see when hind milk comes in if pumping and it said that varies between 1-10 minutes so I think if they've been on for about 15 and they unlatch I'd try and swap, but if they're on for 30 mins I'd leave it and alternate next feed x

But hind milk comes within 5mins after foremilk Is produced. So 15mins on one boob is minimum is what I heard. If supply Is good, one boob should be fine. If not, we need to offer both 15min on each side.

I was told to offer the same boob if feeding again within the same hour. After that I switch to the other. It's worked well for us so far x

I only offer the other if he’s still a little fussy and feel he wants more x

My health visitor told me it’s not necessary and that if you feel baby hasn’t had a full feed then offer the same boob next time or they’ll only be getting the fore milk and not the hind milk. I know people say different things so not always easy knowing what’s accurate 🙈

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