Constant Leaky Breasts in Bed

Any suggestions for night time leaking?! I bought Elvis Catch collection cups that are great in the day for upright wear in a nursing bra; I have breast pads but don’t like to wear a bra to bed- is that the only solution? My bedsheets are drenched whenever I’m topless. I breastfeed in bed in the early AM and use a Haaka to catch the other side, but inevitably get milk all over the bed and the baby, too😩
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I haven’t noticed any staining on clothes or reusable pads or anything so far. Breastmilk is mostly water anyways.

@Rachel this would def help my fitted sheet! Does breastmilk stain, anyone?

To could also try an incontinence pad. My baby spits up and I still sometimes leak even with a bra so I have used this: Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof... You could get a couple and change in the morning for each day.

@Dana I live in mine - and my husbands robe too lol

@Laura oooh.. might have to try out my robe!! I only wore it while I was in the hospital.. now it's just hanging in the closet.

@Dana I also have stuck pads to my robe wear nips are at breakfast when I’m up and about which actually works better then I’d have thought

@Dana I did the same with Haaka this AM 🙌🏽

@Saylee ooh nice I’ll check this out- thank you

@Rachel I have tried a towel & burp cloth but they didn’t last my shuffling 😄 I think you’re right about bra and pads

Following!! I've been sticking disposable nursing pads in my night gown right where my nipples are and even though it's not tight fitting I can make sure when I'm breast feeding on the other side there's something more absorbent than just my clothes to soak up the milk.. although the past few mornings I've been using my haaka on the side I'm not bf from and I've been getting 4oz to freeze each time.

I use trove collector. You can sleep with it on, it has good suction and hasn't leaked for me yet. Boon TROVE Silicone Manual Breast...

I haven’t found any solution other than to wear a bra with pads to bed 🤷🏻‍♀️ you could put some thing down over the sheets to catch the leaking so you don’t have to change your sheets as often like a towel or something.

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