Spotting after sex

I’m 7 weeks and 3 days. Has anyone else had spotting and some cramping after sex? I know it can be normal but I’m still worried. I haven’t had any spotting up until now. It started a few hours after having sex last night. It’s mostly better now besides a couple specs here and there if discolored discharge. Initially it was a little circle in my liner of light pinkish discharge. I called my doctor and they said they would get back to me but said it can definitely be normal. I just need some reassurance here.
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Yess this happened to me when I was about 7 weeks, I had spotting for like three days but it wasn’t heavy at all and pretty much just colored discharge after that first day, my doctor said it’s totally normal but if the cramping gets worse or bleeding more like a period then that’s when you should be concerned. Other than that it happens to some not everyone

Yes, happened to me also right after I had sex I started bleeding. Went to the er to make sure I wasn’t miscarrying!

@Cassandra my physician told me to wait because I was spotting from week 6 to 7, so I am on pelvic rest. I’m not sure if sex can harm anything, but I personally am waiting a few more weeks just to be safe :)

@Brooke oh they didn’t say not to. But they got back to me and said it can be normal. Maybe I should hold off from now on then

I literally didn’t have sex my entire lay pregnancy bc of this it just wasn’t worth it to me 😭

This exact thing happened to me yesterday. Not sure what it means but it stopped after a few hours

I’ve heard of this being very common. The cervix is sensitive right now. I was advised not to have sex in the first trimester so I’m honoring my instructions, so I can’t speak for myself.

Well, every pregnancy is different. So, I wouldn’t be too concerned unless you were filling up an entire pad and had some cramping. But, it’s good you called your doctor to just make sure!

@Ashley I never did during the pregnancy with my daughter

Personally I haven’t had any spotting after sex but she said it can happen lol

My doctor said cramping and spotting after sex is completely normal!

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