pains after pregnancy

Hi All Is anyone else suffering from joint pain mainly in their knees post partum? i'm 5 months PP and i am in so much pain with my knees and other joints are aching. i'm a stone heavier then usual but i just can't shift it and when i exercise i'm in pain. I'm just wondering if this is common? thank you
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I had a section too, so it may be this. Fingers crossed for you. 2 months on them has made a world of difference. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

ooo thank you so much @Amy i've been on iron tablets before and then i needed them after my c section so it could be that i'll give them a call thank you x

I was the same, it was super painful. I went to the doctors and I had really low iron levels. My levels were fine prenatally. I’m on iron supplements, and have been for 8 weeks now, and it’s made a huge difference. The doctors also gave me some strong anti inflammatories to help in the interim. They also referred me for physio following a difficult labour and c-section, as my hip pain was severe x

ohh @Eilidh im so glad you've said that although i feel for you! it's awful isn't it i struggle to just get up from the floor. i might have to call the doctors as i've always been fine and i usually loose my weight quickly too and i'm struggling so much!!

I’m the same! But also a lot of back/muscular pain as well. Now I’m 5 months PP I was thinking of calling the doctor to rule anything out like a deficiency or something. I’m literally like an 80 year old woman when I move 🤣

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