Need advice! Sore feet, hips and lower back.

I’m really struggling at the moment with my feet, hips and lower back. I work in retail, and I do 9 hour shifts. I’m currently 24+2 weeks. I’ve recently brought some new sketchers with memory foam, and also a bump belt to help support my back, hips, pelvis etc. but I’m still really suffering, especially my feet. Any advice or tips? I’ve got 12 weeks left of work until maternity, I have to get through it 😂
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Hi Jasmin! I'm the same as you, but I already have a few slipped discs in my back too 😬 I asked the midwife to send a physiotherapy referral off. I saw the physiotherapist for the first time today (22 weeks + 6 days) she gave me a few exercises and personal recommendations on what to do. She actually recommended I not use the belly belt? But maybe see if you can get a little referral made and someone can make some personalised suggestions for you! 🤞🏻 It eases up soon for you!

Has your manager done a risk assessment? They should be putting some adjustments in place such as split shifts or longer breaks etc

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