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Sometimes I feel like my 1 year old daughter doesn’t like me ,my mum is around for a few months and since she came ,Everytime I try to take her from my mum she cries ,but when her dad tries she is happy to meet daddy ,when i go out and I’m back home she Isn’t excited to see me ,but when daddy and nana comes back she jumpes and shouts daddy ,I feel so bad whenever she cries when I try to hold her.how can I bond with her ? Any suggestion? Or is it a normal behavior?
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I can comment on her not being excited to see you. My toddler is 2 and we spend a lot of time together, especially when she was very young. She would always seem underwhelmed to see me after I had left her. Someone told me it’s because she knew I was coming back. Made me feel better knowing there’s trust between us.

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