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We are still struggling. Started with 2hrs in August for 2 weeks and got sick for 10 days so again from scratch for 2hrs another 2 weeks. The day i put her there for nap there was lot of crying and next day got down with cold. Another 5 days off and now back to 2hrs. I feel i am doing this terribly wrong. Other kids who joined in midtime are now adjusted but we are still crying and waiting for mommy to pick up. Since she is still recovering I am picking in 2hrs and still not eating their food. I don't know what shall i do.
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@amanda i can feel you. This week only i started to 7 hrs and its really tough for LO. Not eating or napping there. Exhausted when home and i feel so guilty to leave even hearing those cries for mumma. Absolutely heart breaking. Hope we all mumma and babies get through this separation phase soon and settle in new environment.

I’m in the same boat as far as starting, getting sick and stopping and now being back. He did so good when we began. No cries. Happy to be with others. Than he got sick and was home for 10 days! Now he is back and cries when we drop off and tries to attach to us. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and I hate this soooo much.

Thanks @Shaquelle i was thinking to not stress her with long hrs at daycare but definitely it is not working and more tough on her.

Also, try to still send her when she's sick (they are all sick all the time) unless she has a fever. She will be home a lotttt during the first few months if you keep her home every time she has a cold. We won't send him if he has a fever, or if he is lethargic. Cough and runny nose are common and fine to send them with

Try doing a bit more time each day instead of 2hrs for a whole week. So two hours day 1, 3 hours on day 2, 4 or 4.5 hours on day 3, 6 hours on day 4, 7.5 -8 hours (full day) on day 5. We did the above schedule the first week, and he didn't nap until the 4th day. He stopped crying when we dropped him after the first two weeks. It does get better!

Starting their whole day feels daunting and she is still having running nose and refusing food there. How to manage the transition 🤦🏽‍♀️

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