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Hey just want to rant I’m 24 years old with a nearly 2 year old I just found out I was pregnant not tracking of planning however is a blessing my sister is 30 weeks pregnant and isn’t very happy with me as she is also pregnant been so upset and my brother and little sister is the same there not happy . Relationships been rocky and who ain’t financially struggling .I don’t have friends as very unsure how to make friends at my age just want someone to talk to
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Sorry you went through that x

Yeah she thinks it’s some sort of plan of mine to get pregnant same time as her she was furious my sister told me it looked bad and my brother said I’m obviously not mature Enough as my partner and I been going through rough patches now all not talking to me all basically said I should have a abortion

Hiya can message me anytime. I have 2 sisters who I'm estranged from so know how it feels. My sister had my nephew at that point thought I couldn't have kids she loved rubbing it in when my nephew was 18 months I fell pregnant I was so happy and she turned pure nasty. Lying about miscarriage then when I had him lied she was pregnant and baby brain hadn't formed at scan when she was supposed only 7 weeks gone. Called me fst when I just gave birth we don't talk now because she caused me to relapse an eating condition xxx

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