Reusing Styrofoam

Hey everyone. Curious if anyone has ideas on how to reuse styrofoam. I have a lot of random pieces from packaging. Some is more flexible and some is pretty rigid. I am not finding much inspiration searching online, so I wanted to see if anyone had made anything similar or just had ideas. Thanks!
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@Bond. Courtney Bond thanks for digging it up! I was thinking of making some wall art for fall, so maybe I’ll start by making some leaf stamps and trying to make a fall landscape.

@Jasmine ooohh. That is interesting. And sounds like a nice, calming activity. I’ll have to think about what shapes, but I will have to try that.

@Lisa I could DEFINITELY manage that. Haha. And I do have some plants that need to be repotted. That will be perfect.

I’ve heard of people using it as a filler in big plant pots so they’re not too heavy from soil

@Jess Your very welcome and no it was stashed away in my Pinterest board 😊

@Bond. Courtney Bond I love that idea! Thank you for sharing. And that is beautiful! Did you make that?

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