Hey mummies, I was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and I’m worried for my baby. My LO has just turned 5 months and with the treatment that’s gonna start I’m worried I won’t have the energy or health to look after him, my partner works full time and I haven’t told him yet either. I don’t wanna throw everything onto my partner as he’s not really involved in my babies day to day as it is. I’m so surprised and stuck I don’t even know what my next steps should be. I don’t know if I should go ahead with the treatment and waste my energy on it and miss out on spending time with my son or just live our best life’s while we can. I guess I just need advise because my brain is everywhere right now.
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First of all I'm so sorry your going through this. First step is to definitely speak to your partner. He needs to know so he can support you and look after you, not add any extra stress ect. Also you will need his love and care through this hard time. There is a website - Looks like a very good place to talk , get advice and connect. Do you have family and friends - that could help out and take some of the load. Here is another link In the mean time spend lots of time with your baby and husband, make some memories. And take lots of photos. Maybe you can make a go fund me or something like that to ease any financial problems - so your husband can take time off work to be with you. Maybe your friends could raise some money to help out also. Get them to ask the community for help Maybe see if anyone can cook some nutritious meals for you and your family. Take all the help you can get. Sending you so much love xx

Well first I think u should really talk to ur partner, that's step 1. Number 2 I think u need to really think about treatment options. U worry about doing treatment and leaving responsibility to ur partner but if u don't do treatment and u get sicker and God forbid something worse happen to u ur going to be leaving ur child behind and the responsibility will still be on ur partner but this time without u to guide him. Like I said I think u really need to speak with ur partner and the two of u can speak about what's best for u and ur family together. He may surprise u.

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