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My son is 7weeks. Since beginning he is not sleeping well. He wants to be held to sleep always, I have tried everything like swaddle, dark room, white noise etc . He is well fed as well. I am not sure what am I doing wrong 😞 Feeling very restless. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Definitely not alone! My first did this and so is my second 😅 it’s relentless but you’ll find something randomly works for them one day

How does he do with naps through the day? We weee really struggling with him being overtired and stress at night time until I read that newborns wake windows should only be around 90 mins max at a time, often much much shorter. And to notice when they are tired and then start to try to get them down for a nap. For example my baby’s eyebrows go very red and he pulls his ears when he’s getting tired, by them times he’s yawning multiple times I know it’s almost time for him to start screaming because he’s exhausted. It’s taken me weeks to notice these patterns. They say that sleep breeds sleep and most babies who nap better in the day sleep better at night and I’ve really found this to be true. The huckleberry app has been a game changer for monitoring his naps and wake windows. I’m more chilled about it now and just try to make sure he’s not awake more than 90 ish mins and I’ve noticed a big difference. So sorry if you have tried all this/knew all this before but I was clueless! Xxx

I also second what Cristina said. We use huckleberry app for naps and saw a difference within 48 hours. Going from waking every couple hours at night to now one wake if any. X

We were the same, we have moved to a swaddle and dummy and then in the day for naps I’ll put her next to me on the sofa in her Moses basket or sofa so she can see me. She then stays calm and gets her self off to sleep. At night we are now able to put her down awake. Might be worth a try

I find that an early bedtime helps... also bathtime every day... plus the importance of daytime naps... a tired baby struggles to fall asleep! Good luck xx

@Demi 😢

All I can contribute to this is that you are not alone! I am struggling with this also! X

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