I'm 37 weeks nearly and the pain around the bump is really getting me down. Even just to put my hand on it feels almost brused. I have alot of pressure down below and now started with sciatica which is affecting my sleep even more. I'm really hoping baby comes soon I could cry. I don't want to moan but I'm not getting anything done and paracetamol just don't take the pain away
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@Sarah I am hoping to, every little twinge now I think is this it but nooo lol he's going to make me suffer abit longer to comfy in there I think lol x

@Charlotte I am up every hour for a wee and when I get out of bed it's agony as the weight moves as I get up. Baby is on my left side so try to lay on my right but it feels so heavy I just can't get any sleep I'm lucky to have 2 hrs so feel drained. I haven't bothered phoning them as I don't think there's anything they can do. Will just tell me to do what I'm already doing. It's just a waiting game now for little man to arrive I just no with how I feel il end up going the whole way 😣 x

Omg I could have written this myself. I completely empathise. Is it worse when you get up in the night? The pain down my left side had me in tears at 3am I couldnt walk but after a wee it eased. @Charlie I called triage when it started last week but they said it wasn't contractions and to take paracetemol but every day I wonder about ringing them again for some reassurance this is normal xxx

At 37+5 I feel the same and worse..I can’t get good sleep, I’m having pain on my left’s worse when I cough, laugh or sneeze and even sit.. I still feel sick ..extremely tired with painful headaches just don’t know what to do with my self

Im only 35 weeks but feel the same. I can barely walk anywhere anymore. If it's not comfortable for me it can't be comfortable for baby either. I'm honestly pinning all my hopes on baby coming in 2 weeks time.

I am the same with a lot of pressure down below and have a pain in my left side. All day. I am thinking about calling triage

@Hope I don't no what to do with myself it's making me feel awful I can hardly walk 😒

Glad am not alone 😩 37+1

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