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FTM here. When do babies start being more active (more awake, maybe start playing a little...). My baby is 8 weeks and still the only thing he does is sleep. In the evenings hes more awake and we play a little every morning (30 min total?) And in the evenings (about 2h total?). I'm wondering when babies start being awake longer and start doing more things 😂 And also, what are the first things that I can expect? What did your baby do when they started being more awake?
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My son is 11 weeks he started being more awake and alert around 9-10 weeks. He’s makes lots of baby noises, kicks like crazy, waves his arms around, and likes to watch me move around the room.

My son is 10 weeks and he loves dancing! He also babbles a lot. The biggest thing he’s starting to do is kick his little feeties and I mean actual kicking and waving his hands all crazy.

Between 2 and 3 months. Don’t rush it, baby’s sleep when they’re growing 🫶🏻

My baby hit a different level of awakeness around 10 weeks. All of a sudden she started babbling a lot more. All she wants to do is sing and play now lol

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