The struggles of being a single momma

It's hard trying to financially support a child when it's just me trying to provide. That hard part is when his father doesn't ask if I need anything for his son. I always thought that the struggle would get better but it kind stays on this steady pace that makes me wanna pull my hair out. And I am sorry to those I did not reply to my son's father made me delete this app and isolated me from having friends.
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Oh sweety I hear you I have 3 Dad 1 lazy ass mofo who just decided to get disability payments instead of working… Dad 2 who is my life partner is gone for another year, before I get another set of helping hands my eldest-14, has decided to live with my parents…. But we talk 24/7 so the “why” is of no consequence to me anymore…. Dad 2 sends me money without asking…. I have been looking to remote jobs, surveys that pay, research that pays, user testing that pays…. Pay out isn’t a lot but still gets us through….

My company doesn’t care about that

@Janerica no I didn't graduate from highschool

Have you try for a work at home job

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