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Hey, just wondering what you guys are feeling in terms of movement if your baby is breech? I'm currently 36+3 and just came off my aspirin at 36 weeks and keep worrying something bad is going to happen 🙈 In terms of movement pattern my most active period for baby is at like 11pm so I find myself thinking am I feeling enough movement in the day leading up to movements are all very low generally in the middle below my belly button and more slow although I get the occasional big kick I know the space is different when they're breech but just wondering if anyone is feeling big rolls/ movement at the top?
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I'm 38 weeks breech and all the movement is very low, he sometimes kicks my sciatic nerve. Head never seems to move but his back does x


She's been footling (those crotch kicks are super weird) 😅 but she is extebded breech now...shes been moving a bit more this afternoon and I do feel them on the side but just feels like her head arms don't move around much, maybe this is a space thing? I don't know but sounds like it's not too dissimilar to you ladies, thank you!

Most of my movements are super low in my pelvis. Last I was told they are a footling breech! I get some movements around my belly button by not consistently. I find it a bit disappointing as my partner can't really tell the movements at all although he has seen my belly move on the odd occasion!

Most of my big movements and rolls are around and above my belly button, but not super high. He's breech extended so I get feet movement high one side toward my rib too xx

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