Newfound Fussiness

My baby was never really fussy, or at least it wouldnt be all day. Recently he has been fussy all day and I’m assuming its because he’s teething. Any little thing that doesnt go his way, he starts yelling and crying. He started fussing because our cat turned to face him and he wanted to hit his butt lol. How do I support him in this? I dont want to teach him that everything goes his way, so I usually just try to hold him and comfort him but I dont know if I should be doing more?? Im not asking how to stop his mini tantrums because I understand this is part of having a baby, I just want to know if what i’m doing is okay from a developmental standpoint. What do you guys do?
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Def not just you! Our little guy is facing it as well the teething really seems to impact him! He has 5 now and another 1-3 we can see beneath the gums so it’ll probably be a rough few weeks for us! Lol

@Ashley Thank you! Just read that and i’m going to start redirecting more (: Also glad to know its not just us haha

We are having the same emotions here. I just got this on my weekly email.

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