Baby food

Has anyone used or heard of these seasoning before? Have been giving the little one more solids and want to have some flavor on it and not too sure what to use. Also struggling with ideas I feel like I give her the same things and running out of ideas, any recipes or ideas greatly appreciated!
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The Spice House sells salt free seasonings! Perfect for babies!

We just use whatever seasoning we’d put on the adult food (just omit the salt or sweetener). So I make sweet potato spears in the oven for LO and I’ll put garlic powder, rosemary, or whatever with olive oil. Or I make French toast and add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla (and omit adding syrup, etc). Haven’t used that specifically.

I havent heard of or tried these specifically but we just cook and feed what we make for ourselves so he gets exposure to everything (salt is the only thing we make sure to modify)

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