WHAT A DAY 😣 has anyone had similar?

Last night we experienced a very heavy, sudden bleed and the passing of 2 large clots. Naturally we jumped to something being wrong, and went straight to A&E where we stayed until 2am having bloods and swabs taken. EPAU performed a scan this morning to check, and baby is fine - measuring at 13 weeks! I’m measuring so far ahead that they performed the full dating scan so they were able to complete the tests for downs etc. I am emotionally and physically DRAINED, and they found no reason on the ultrasound for the heavy bleeding and clotting now. It wasn’t accompanied by any pain, and has now turned to pink spotting so they are content that everything is fine. Baby was having the time of their life in the meantime 🙃 Has anything similar ever happened to anyone else? I almost can’t get excited about anything now because I’m so on edge.
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@Henrietta I bled for a few hours, but by evening it hard turned to brown discharge

Hi Lovely, sorry this happened to you, it’s frightening at the time! Something very similar happened to me at 10 weeks. They didn’t know why or what the reason was but the bleeding lasted a day and they put it down to sex! My partner and I had sex the night before they told me during pregnancy your cervix is ally softer and they believe that’s what caused the bleed. I’m nearly 17 weeks now and baby is fine. X

Aww I’m so sorry this happened you must of been terrified. I think the best thing for now is to try relax as much as you can and rest. If you need someone to talk to you can always drop me a message. The main thing is your beautiful baby is all happy and healthy. Xx

@Henrietta with my first I bled heavily and lost large clots for around 5 hours and then it was brown spotting for 2/3 weeks after. That was it for that one. My second, I had a heavy bleed which lasted about 2 hours and then had spotting on and off for a few days. They said they weren’t 100% sure of the cause but said it was probably a hematoma 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Henrietta I had a bad bleed and cramps at 9w5d and spotting after 24Hrs. I’ve had spotting since, and now 15w2d. I had another bleed around 12 weeks but I’ve had a few scans now and all show that baby is fine and hematoma is getting smaller but still there. They told me it could continue until wk20.

@Rosie thank you! Did you have the one bleed or multiple?

@Chloe it’s so tough to get excited with all it this going on! How long did it last for you? My bleeding stopped soon after I passed the clots and turned to pink spotting which was reassuring, but last night I’ve had another fresh bleed 😩 not nearly as severe, but still worrying especially as they said they couldn’t identify any reason for it to happen again on the scan 😣

@MissN how long did it last?

I had the same at 10 weeks, currently 18 weeks and seemingly going okay!

I’ve had this happen in my first pregnancy and everything was okay, I had a healthy baby girl. I have also had it in my current pregnancy too, I’m currently 14 weeks :) I’d definitely do some research on subchorionic hematomas. I never had an answer for the bleeding from my first pregnancy until I discovered SCH. This pregnancy the EPAU told me it was a hematoma so I know a lot more this time round. It can be very scary and traumatic to experience, so I’m glad that your hospital looked after you and scanned you to check on the baby, and that everything is okay 🥰

Have a look up of subchorionic hematoma. I had this but they found a bleed that caused it and gave reassurance that generally this can happen when the placenta is forming around the 12-13 week mark. A terrifying experience but usually things turn out well ☺️

You poor woman!! What a frightening thing to go through! Rest and take it easy PLEASE! You deserve it xxx

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