Disappointed in this one

Sadly I’m having a hard time with this book, I’m halfway done but it’s not grabbing me… I like 3 of her other books so I’m very disappointed… I just ordered 3 more I’m hoping they aren’t a let down.
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A friend just recommended too late by her she said it's so good

I’m trying slammed now, we’ll about to sitting down with now at least lol. I have a long list of books I’ve been wanting to get into. I have to look and see if I have too late in my pile though…

It’s TERRIBLE. I hated this book, biggest waste of time

Omg really?? I just started, I’m in chapter 2 😩 should I just stop reading?

Thanks for the pro-tip! I was on a CoHo binge awhile back, but I’ve noticed that the more she got popular the less her books were hitting the mark. Verity and Layla were the only two that I really liked, It Ends With Us and Hopeless weren’t too bad but I’m not about to start a petition to have them do a movie on those either. I’ve had to hit pause on Co-Ho and have jumped on the Lucinda Berry train, we’ll see how fun this ride is. I’m only 2 books in, not enough to give an assessment yet…@Enayda can you let me know if I need to check out “Too Late”?

It's gonna take me a min to get to it I'm in-between 2 books but base off my friend and the way she was hiding in the corner reading it. I think it was good. But I'll definitely let you know for sure maybe I can try and read a chapter or 3 to let you know

@Cristal Violeta 💕 I mean if you can get into keep going… I wanted to like it but once I got half way I just could any more

I like hood books because they are more realistic settings. I ordered all these Donald Goines books and they are cheap off of Amazon if you get used books but I hate buying books just to find out it won’t hold my attention a couple chapters in. I hope you find something more interesting to read for you. Oh back when I was in high school I read a child called it and the couple of books that came in his series and they were so hard to put down. Good luck finding something that interests you.

@Shelly any recommendations

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover is REALLY good, WAY better than it ends with us

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