Brushing teeth

Am I the only one who haven’t brushed little one teeth yet? I don’t get how can someone explain me please 🙏
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We started really early before even having a thooth I use to gently rub gum with a bit of water the when first tooth came we bought an extremely soft thoothbrush and a baby toothpaste and I let him use as a teether then I help him he loves brushing teeth and he helps brushing mine

At the moment, we just do it during bath times It was hard to start with but he opens his mouth for it now 🙂 when I’m done, I give him the brush to chew on too I think now he’s used to it, I need to start in the mornings too

@Emma thank you so much x

We do it first thing when she wakes and last thing before bed. At the start, we let her play with a toothbrush in the bath so she knows it goes in her mouth etc. She rarely fights me on it now and actually lets me brush them x

@Emma what toothbrush and toothpaste do you recommend please? X

Hey! Dental nurse here Brush morning and night. You just need a very small amount of baby tooth paste on a baby tooth brush. It’s difficult to physically brush their teeth and baby will most probably want to suck and chew the tooth brush which is fine, it gets them used to the tooth brush and taste but try and brush the teeth yourself if you can. Brush your teeth together so they can watch you & make it a little bit fun :) Also book them in for the dentist to have a little check up to start getting used to the environment etc. x

I haven’t yet but know i need to!

My little one won’t let me do it but loves doing it himself so I just let him chew the brush with toothpaste on d

We do our girls after breakfast and before bed. Use baby tooth brush, wet it. Add a very tiny bit of milk teeth toothpaste. Brush teeth and gums. That's it 😊

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