Does Anyone Have Great Results from this App? And Connect with Moms outside of this Platform

Please share any tips for Newcomers
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I did meet 4 moms here who I meet in real life now and we have play dates or just coffee dates. But there were also dozens of other moms with half dead conversations, one words responses or responses 3-4 days later. I was trying to connect at first but then I stopped wasting my time on those people. Those who really do want to find friends, they put effort into a convo and building the connection. My tip would be not to waste time on people who do not put any communication effort.

I do. I have met a great group of women on this app. We do girls' nights, travel together, and our kids are all friends. That was early on, so I'm glad I found them. This app has changed soooo much from when I joined about 4.5 years ago. My tip is keep small talk to a minimum on the app. Suggest a meet-up sooner than later that way you don't waste time. Lots of moms say " playdates" but don't put in the effort. Also, give some grace. We all think we have time that we don't, and communicating on this app is tough.

@Olga I couldn't have said that any better I've found many people ghosting and making very little effort with myself, fair enough I've got anxiety but if your not interested in making friends then why be on the app.

Working on it. Hope to meet some but just got started. A few I feel we connected so am trying to keep the convo growing. Others say one word and I'm pulling to get anything out after that. Then I figure it's not a match

Nope. Was thinking of deleting it. Everyone wants to chat on the app and that's it.

@Olga Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and helpful tips on how to use this App - So glad to hear that it can be worth some time and effort 😁🙏🏾😁🙏🏾

@Shanee I appreciate hearing about your great experience so far and how things have changed on here - I wasn’t quite sure how everyone was connecting for Playdates etc..I’ll remain open minded and flexible with high hopes

@Nicola My excitement turned into confusion very quickly after receiving messages with minimal interaction afterwards or multiple last minute Playdate cancellations

@Bonnie I’m with you there - I hope that it works out for my kids

@Monique it's ridiculous isn't it, I've totally gave up at making effort with people when I'm getting nothing back ie dry convo

Beyond Shocking - I do not set any expectations with my little ones at this point since most people do not follow thru - Hanging in here, Fingers crossed 🤞🫠

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