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Hey guys do anyone know any work from home jobs that are decent?
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I always find nice paying work from home jobs on Also if you create a linkedin and complete your profile, employers will reach out with all type of great employment opportunities mostly being wfh

@Ciara if posting yourself on social media once a day isn’t for you I wouldn’t recommend this field… but it’s easy to get into. I show you how to set up your website, how to create content on all social media platforms, how to create a digital course to sell. Everything you sell is 100% profits to you and no monthly fees. If you want to check out my socials it’s wealthywithcatarina TikTok and insta Affiliate marketing is commission based, I have a store front I promote online

@Becca Little how do you do that? Do you have to have a degree?

Oh yeah that sounds interesting is it heart and I would love for you to help

I sell digital products and do affiliate marketing on the side. If you want to get into digital marketing I can help

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