How long was your little one cruising before they started walking independently?

My son has been cruising for a month now. He will walk holding on to his walker, or both my hands...he just seems like he's super nervous to let go. He won't even walk holding on to just one hand. I tried a toy in the other hand, then his legs get stiff.😆
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Mine started cruising around like 10 months? I think she was cruising before we was totally crawling. Lol like the second she could scoot her way around the floor she started pulling up and shuffling along furniture. Then after she figured that out she finally started crawling for real and sitting up on her own. Lol it was weird. She took her first solo step like 11.5 months. But then barely anything for 3 more weeks. Then took like 3 steps and then started daycare and was the only non walker. A few days later she took like 5 or 6 steps then went another like 5 or 6 weeks just barely letting go once in a while, few steps here and there. Then all of a sudden at like 13.5 months just exploded and was walking everywhere. She did a LOT better on hard surface like tile. She wouldnt walk on our carpet for a long time.

Mine still is, she sometimes tries to do it on her own & takes a few steps but then sits back down. My oldest was the same way till one day she just went for it

My son started cruising around 10.5 months. He's not walking independently yet but he's started standing for longer on his own every once in awhile.

My little guy is the same way!!! He's 14 months.

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