Giving birth early

Has anyone give birth early if so how early and how long was you in hospital for im 30w+2days and starting to think about packing my hospital bag just incase i go early
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I had my baby 5 weeks early due to suddenly developing cholestasis. I was admitted into hospital at 34 weeks but only had my baby a week later at 35 weeks, we then stayed in for 4 days before we were both discharged together! I didn’t have anything packed as it was unexpected however my husband went home and grabbed some bits! The hospital had most the things we needed for situations like this, and he was able to go in and out so he could buy stuff when needed! I’m now pregnant with No.2 and I want to be fully packed and have everything ready by 30 weeks as I have been told this will probably happen again. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with packing as early as you want x

2 weeks early x

I had my baby at 34w +3 due to PPROM, I was kept in for 3 days due to an infection and my daughter spent 16 days in the SCBU. I had some of my bag packed which was handy but I had my partner running around trying to pack the rest for me - I don’t recommend that 😂😂 I didn’t have my baby bag packed but it wasn’t needed, she went straight to special care who provided what we needed at first!

My little girl was 5 weeks early but I was only in for a few days, she was in for 3 weeks. I wish I had packed hospital bags though but I kept putting it off haha x

I gave birth at 36+5 and we were discharged on day 4, readmitted day 5 and discharged properly on day 7 x

I gave birth 2 weeks early, gave birth at 4:43 and was home by 10:30 the same day!

Depends how early you’re thinking, if you’re thinking if you went into labour now I’d assume a good while! I was 9 days early and went home the same day, 10 days early at home with #2

I gave birth 10 days ago 1 week early exactly got induced on the Friday at 39 weeks gave birth Saturday afternoon and was out hospital on the Sunday x

My son was born at 31+4 and I didn’t have my bag fully packed by then. I discharged myself the next day as no issues/complications. I did have a second degree tear. but my son had to stay in scbu for 3 weeks. Which the last couple of days we could stay there with him before taking him home.

My son was born at 35 weeks. We were in for four weeks in total but I wouldn’t pack for that situation again. (Currently 34 weeks pregnant 😬😬😬😬😬 and just packing 3 outfits in each baby size and a few pairs of pjs for me) If you can have someone bring you stuff in the event that you are in longer that would be better than packing for a long stay as most people don’t stay in as long as we did. X

My daughter was born 34 weeks. We were inn7 days x

I was 5 days early with my first and we stayed in for 4 days. You can pack your hospital bag at anytime… the earlier and more prepared you are, the better.

My son was 9 weeks early. I was kept in for a week due to preeclampsia and my son was kept in for 1 month. We didn't have anything packed for baby as his early arrival was unexpected. We didn't really need anything as NICU had stuff. After a few days we brought in our own nappies, cotton wool etc and he couldn't wear clothes for a few weeks but brought in our own premmie baby clothes when we was able to start

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