Sleeping through the night.

My baby girl is 1 month old, I was wondering if y’all’s baby sleep through the night. She wakes up twice in the night but I go back to work in 3 weeks and want to make sure we both get enough sleep lol.
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My first didn’t start sleeping through the night until 3 months. My little one is 7 weeks and wakes up once to eat. Feeding twice at night at 1 month is still really good and definitely developmentally/age appropriate. There are probably a few moms in this group that would kill for two night feeds lol

My girl started giving us 5 hour stretches at about 2ish months.

Okay I just wanted to make sure. Thank you guys

This one I just had is my second and she sleep through the night

My first started sleeping through the night at 2 months. She's 23 months now and still gives me 11-12 hours, thankfully 🙌. This one typically nurses around 9pm, 1am, and 5am (when I get up for the day), so by the time we're settled back down, I'm getting about two 3.5 hour stretches of sleep. But she's making up for it during the day, nursing every 1.5-2hrs or so.

No, my son didn’t not wake up for feedings until like 9 months. Before that he was waking up less around 6 months old. It tapered off slowly as I got more comfortable with him making noise in his sleep, I learned you don’t have to go feed them just because they are stirring or have woken up, sometimes they can settle back down without milk.

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