To my breastfeeding mamas…

I’m doing well with lactating however I have my days where my milk supply is low when I pump. What things other than consuming oatmeal and pumping every 2-3 hrs has helped your supply increase or stay consistent?
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Thank you ladies!

If you're also 2 months PP you're starting to regulate so your possible oversupply is regulating to what your baby needs instead.

Your supply will do this. It’s very normal and means nothing about your supply dipping or anything. Babies are more efficient than pumps also. I only pump once a day and often the results are anywhere from 150-230ml every day is different.

Thank you both so much for sharing!

I recommend trying to pump while your baby is crying. My baby refuses point blank to take a bottle but as my partner was trying the other day, I pumped in a nearby room and because she was crying, I got more than I normally would, I feel. I did then cave and go and nurse her after pumping because she still refused the bottle and had no issues. Good luck girlie!

Hello, I have been trying a recipe which my grandmother and older generations use to do it and my baby girl is 8 months and still i have a good milk supply Its a traditional Indian dish you can try making it. Proper healthy and helps you and the baby

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