What tests should I ask for?

Hi all, First round of tests for me (30yo female) and my partner. Went to the GP today and they are going to test my LH, FH and progesterone levels. At the end they asked if there was anything else I was expecting and I blanked. When I get results, are there any further tests I should push for (for me)? Thank you 😊
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Nope. My partner had a sperm test which showed low morphology. But that's all we have to go on so far. They are now retesting him.

I guess the process GPs follow is different in each region. Out of interest, is there anything which you think may be an issue? For example, if you’ve got irregular or painful periods or suspect you’re not ovulating etc that may be enough to get the clinic to accept your referral sooner than 18-24 months

Not yet. We were told we needed tests prior to a referral, and then for us it may also be a wait. We've been trying for a year but they said the clinic may require us to try for 18-24 months before they will accept a referral.

Have they said anything about referring you to the fertility clinic? For mine, my GP referred me straight to the clinic on my first visit to her and they told me all the blood tests I needed to get done, and arranged for all the other tests. This is everything I’ve had to date: I had HyCoSy (to check tubes), trans vaginal ultrasound to check ovaries and uterus, semen for my partner, progesterone, rubella, chlamydia, thyroid, oestrogen and prolactin I was told by the fertility clinic I possibly need an AFC( Antral follicle count) before my referral for IVF would be accepted, I’m waiting to hear back- worth bearing this mind

Hey, Semen analysis for your partner, scan of your womb, swabs done to ensure there is no infections and a blood test to check your vitamin levels. That's what we had, hope it helps xx

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