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How much screen time does your little one have? I’m worried that mine is obsessed with the tv. I try keep it to one hour a day but sometimes he’ll watch more and I constantly feel guilty about it.
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I also struggle with what to do for screen time. Thing is, because I wouldn't let him watch it, he has now taken to thinking it's for special occasions and a treat - but now wants it more! He is desperate to have it on the evenings, steals the remote and has temper tantrums when you say no. Think it may have been better to normalise it and just have it on whenever!

Ours is on all day in the background, but he only watches it a little he likes to play, draw and read books his speech is also amazing for his age so I just stopped other thinking the recommendations as it hasn’t effected him at all xx

Ours is on in background all day. She plays with toys and we interact and play all day too. The only time she sits and watches it is when she is having. A bottle first thing or having a snack I pop her on sofa for it and she sits and watches it xx

We have lots of learning posters and role play toys. She enjoys her independent play. We love reading. Xx

@Fay @ezmae what do you do all day to keep your little one entertained? We go out everyday for the afternoon, but when we’re home there’s only so long my little one will play with his toys

None, we just follow the WHO recommendations. Everyone parents differently x

Don't let it get to you. What works for you, works. I'm a single parent with zero help, if I put on cbeebies to wash dishes or pee or even drink my cuppa hot! And someone judges me for it, the problem is them not me x

Mines watch tv a lot the but when he gets bored he finds all sorts to do after playing with toys, etc, but the shows that he watches Iv noticed that he learns a lot and im happy with that. I don't allow him to watch normal cartoon... hes not even interested in cartoons if its not educational 😅.

No judgement here, we really just do what we can!! But I do try and limit it as much as possible. I think mine watches about 10-15 min per day on average, it s pretty much only while I have my morning coffee (extremely important!) and when I clip her nails. If I m busy with something, I try and get her engaged with other stuff, whatever she is interested on at the time. For example, now she really likes practicing doing and undoing buckles and clips so I line a few up for her before I start whatever I need to do 😅 a few weeks ago it was books with sound buttons that she could push...stuff like that. If I m cleaning I get her to "clean" alongside me (scrubing a table or she floor with a cloth, sweeping the floor with a little broom). I just fear they ll get used to the TV very easily and prioritise that to discovering and playing and become less active 🤔

Mine has none what so ever and thats due to her preference x

I also feel so guilty, but it's so hard to get anything done with my son hanging on my leg so if I put blippi on while I get the dishes, laundry and trash out I am able to get things done but yeah it's so difficult when they don't play independently as much.

Ours is on in the background pretty much all day but she'll play with her toys more than watching the TV. We let her watch miss rachel quite alot and then other things are just for short periods

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