Does anyone know of a good baby thermometer that give accurate reading

I have tried multiple ones multiplie ways ie under arm, forehead, rectum, etc etc and get varies readings from 94-102.7. How do I know which one is correct.
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Safety first

I have a Kinsa. You can use it as rectal, under arm, etc

Use a digital one under the armpit or a laser one on the forehead. Although they say rectal is the most accurate, they advise not to use rectal thermometers in children anymore

Safety 1st 3 in 1 Nursery Thermometer

We use the forehead thermometer! We don’t use rectal thermometers and she didn’t like it under her armpit.

Rectal are the most accurate.

An old fashion rectal one

My midwives recommended the Vicks Speed read thermometer.

Rectum is the most accurate.

The laser ones are the best from Amazon. Click a button and point at head and get an instant reading

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