Low PAPP-A?? I’m so confused.

Hey all! I recently checked my badger notes to where I had seen some of my results had been uploaded from the combined test. I’ve attached the picture.. this is all that has been put on there. I’ve not yet received the letter and I’ve heard absolutely nothing from midwife. From what I can see on here it states PAPP-A 2.08 MoM? Or am I getting this wrong? Is this low or? I’m so confused and panicking a little now!! Thank you xx
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They must have meant 0.4, mine is 0.37 and my hospital said their cut off is 0.4. There isn’t a hospital in the uk that would class you as having low Papp-A, so don’t worry ☺️ also you would have heard from your GP by now for an aspirin prescription x

Hey, yours isn’t low. Like people have said, it needs to be 0.4 something, and yours is 2.08. Mine was 0.37, and I had a baby boy in July. Congratulations on your pregnancy! x

Thank you girls. I’m glad you had a healthy babygirl Katie!! I had posted on another group and someone commented saying that they like the score to be at 4.. so I panicked as mines 2.08… but some peoples seem to be 0. Something… but mines not 0. Something if that makes sense? It’s my first baby so I’m so clueless when it comes to all this!! Xx

No need to worry you have a good Papp-A score, to be under you have to be 0.4/5 (depending on the hospital) and you are 2.08 so looks good to me x

I wouldn’t say this is low at all? I thought anything over 0.4 was fine? Mine was 0.18 😬 (had a healthy baby girl in June) x

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