When did your baby start teething ?

My little one who is 2.5 months old is beginning to drool a lot and put her fingers in her mouth. I read that these are early signs of teething. At what point did your little one start teething and does breast milk vs formula impact this ?
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Thank you for sharing ladies

My baby got two teeth at the bottom at 3months lol it’s possible. 🤷🏽‍♀️

My baby has also been doing this since two months but it's just a developmental thing most likely. My baby is now 5 months and still has no teeth despite hand chewing and insane drooling for the last couple months.

Thank you for sharing!!

At that age they are discovering their mouths and hands, as stated above. My baby started going crazy around 3.5mo and then got bottom two at 4mo. The rest of his teeth followed within the next few months. He’s had 8 teeth since 7mo. He just turned 9mo. So your baby might come faster or slower. You’ll know teeth are on the way when you see imprints, and then white. After the white, you’ll be able to see/feel the ridges. 💕

Thanks so much for sharing I’ll check out her gums

They also go through a developmental phase around 10 weeks were they discover their hands so they do a lot of chewing of fingers and drooling. Not impossible it’s teething but you should see signs of teeth in the gums. We thought our LO was definitely teething from about 4 months and first teeth only came in at 7 so think a lot of that was just exploration and development.

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