I’m 21 weeks and this week has been hard I’m all aches and pains , nothing cramping or anything to worry about I just feel I can literally feel my belly stretching every day causing aching and today had a bit of pressure down below and some uncomfortable feelings going on ! Anyone else finding suddenly everything it moving and stretching ? Havnt had any of this until as I say this week maybe
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I’m the same. I had the little back pains, cramps, usual pain up until 20 weeks. Then pow! I’m now referred for pelvic girdle pain - Im 22 weeks and hurting! My body isn’t used to putting in weight so I feel every stretch

Me too guys 21 weeks and pow!!!!! back pain and stretching 😫

Yes! I started getting aches and pains at 21 weeks! It’s still going on for me and I’m also getting some aches in my vagina which sucks but I think it’s down to growing/more pressure x

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