Fish fingers blw

Can you give 6 month old fish fingers baked in the oven?
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I have, and chicken fingers too just no batter/coating x

@Eloisa don't be worried about choking, I've never been worried about it cus think of this, if they can cough, they can breathe, and it means they'll learn to clear their airway themselves, I usually give my boy about 6 coughs n then I would lift him to give back blows Don't stress too much, they're much more capable than we realise sometimes, just be ready to lift them if needed :) x

Yeah you can just be mindful of the salt in the batter, or you can pick off before serving x

@Eloisa hope it all goes well! yesterday was the first time my little one had a proper meal and honestly did better than i thought, mostly sucked on the food but didn’t expect much! that also worries me that’s why I may take off the coating as I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it x

I’m literally petrified of him choking. Tonight is the first time I’m going to let him eat by himself. Normally I make puréed food for him 🫣🤞🏽

not too sure if im going to take the coating off once cooked yet though mind just going to see how they look and how he gets on x

i’m trying my 6 month old with chicken fingers tonight, exact same as fish fingers just chicken! just not giving him too many as due to the salt in them (there’s not a lot but still want to be cautious) x

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