bloated, seeking clothing recs

My clothes are all tight and uncomfortable. I am only 7 weeks so I presume this is all bloat. I guess time to shop for loser clothing. Anyone have any good finds for work clothes with loser fit????
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I feel you, this in-between stage is tricky. I wear a lot of dresses, leggings with tunics, overalls and that kind of thing. A trick for making jeans work a little longer is to put a hair tie through the buttonhole, loop it around, and put the button through (makes a kind of extender). If you’re looking at buying clothes that will work with your changing body, I recommend thinking ahead and getting things that can do double duty: maternity and postpartum/nursing. Last time I got some big nursing sweatshirts, shirts and dresses from Latched Mama that I still use

I’m just living in those tiered ruffle dresses. Cause that’s about all that’s working right now.

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