Due Date is Tomorrow 😳😳

Hey ladies! So my due date is tomorrow and my induction is scheduled two days after that which I’m not particularly crazy about. Any ideas or help on how to get this baby moving along?? I really wanna have my son naturally just not seeming like he’s coming anytime soon. HELP 😩😩😩
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@Allana I hope so 🤞🏾 I really do

@Rachelle they scheduled my induction for 9/26. Hopefully the baby comes out on their own before then!

@Allana I hope things start moving along for us lol I hear being induced is no fun so I pray we all start having natural miracles happen seriously

@Diana Hopefully things start moving along for the both of us!! My bday is 9/25 I wanted to be induced the 24th to have the same bday but they said the staff isn’t lower on the weekends smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ lol I just pray he’s healthy #SeptemberBabies

My due date is tomorrow too! I’ve been doing everything; walking, eating dates, sex, membrane sweep- the whole set… but really no sign of labor other than just losing little mucus plug 🥲 I scheduled the induction next Wednesday, on the 27th, because I want a September baby.

My due date is tomorrow too! I have an appointment today and they said they would schedule an induction for sometime the end of this week/next week if things aren't moving along. Hopefully

Thank you ladies I will definitely try to do more and more walking. I may just not show to that induction date I thought that was too soon too ….

@Hannah no reason honestly and she even told me I don’t have to come in but that’s when they scheduled me…. More staff will be present 😐😐

Agree with Hannah. Let your body do its thing naturally.


Why do they have you booked for an induction? If there isn’t a reason other than you being full term, you can push it back if you want. It’s safe for low risk singleton pregnancies to go to 42 weeks!

Long walk! I did 25k steps the day before my son was born - he was 2 weeks early 😁

Sex, lol. I lost my mucus plug after having sex, the next day my water broke.

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